EndoFLIP Brings Unprecedented Changes to Bariatric Surgery EndoFLIP Brings Unprecedented Changes to Bariatric Surgery
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EndoFLIP Brings Unprecedented Changes to Bariatric Surgery

A new medical device that has been developed to aid bariatric surgeons may give weight loss surgery procedures an extreme makeover.

The EndoFLIP (Endolumenal Functional Lumen Imaging Probe) Imaging System is designed to help surgeons get more precise measurements of the shape, size and functions of the gastrointestinal tract area. As a result, outcomes of bariatric surgeries will be measurably more successful.

The EnsoFLIP has received FDA approval and CE marking, which means it can be used for procedures that are not related to clinical trials.

Though this type of bariatric surgery isn’t groundbreaking, the EndoFLIP itself is an innovative tool that not only can help surgeons upgrade the outcomes of weight loss surgeries, it can also be used for other new types of bariatric surgery techniques.

This new imaging technology is now being used for bariatric procedures now, providing a number of uses as a tool to measure and calibrate:

  • the stoma, during adjustable gastric banding surgery
  • the gastric pouch, during gastric bypass surgery
  • the gastric sleeve, during vertical sleeve gastrectomy

Bariatric surgeons can make use of the precision measurements given by the EndoFLIP in several ways, such as to keep track of and document the need for revision surgery for certain gastric bypass patients; to get printouts listing data on pouch volume and stoma size, which will be important in the event a patient regains weight; and to ensure that the gastric band stoma maintains a consistent size during surgery.

Not only that, the EndoFLIP has served as an important tool to use for another new weight loss procedure, one that is especially hailed by surgeons and patients alike because it is reversible, the gastric imbrication. No type of medical implants are used and none of the stomach is removed in the gastric imbrications, which still is able to reduce the stomach size, and in turn help the patient to limit food intake.

The procedure can be compared to the gastric sleeve, but no stomach tissue is removed and a larger amount of the stomach is folded over and fastened with stitches.

The potential for the EndoFLIP imaging system isn’t limited to weight loss surgery patients, either. Patients suffering from GERD and anorectal disorders may also benefit from surgical procedures that use the EndoFLIP.

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