INCISION FREE SURGERY: Non-Surgical Incision Less Bariatric Weight Loss Option
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What is Incision Free Weight Loss Surgery

There is a new way to conduct weight loss surgery without making even the smallest of incisions. The number of gastric surgeons performing incision free surgery is growing; with that, the popularity of this type of surgery is also growing. This procedure is an alternative to weight loss surgery methods that require incisions to be made. The natural orifices of an individual’s body are used to insert the equipment and tools needed to help an individual with weight loss.

There are many incision free surgeries that are still in an experimental phase. This new, innovative cut-free surgery is predicted to replace all other types of weight loss surgeries that require incisions. Some of the most popular and most common surgeries that will be replaced include gastric banding and gastric bypass surgery.

Types of Incision Free Surgery

There are several types of incision free surgeries. Many of these surgeries have been practiced outside of the United States for many years. While the surgery is not FDA approved in the United States, several other countries are able to practice these surgeries with approval.

  • Gastric Balloon: This is a type of incision free surgery that is reversible. It has become one of the most popular weight loss procedures that do not require incisions to be made. While it is not FDA approved in the United States, it is available in countries such as South America, Canada, some parts of Europe, Mexico, and Australia. During this surgery a soft silicone deflated balloon is implanted into an individual’s stomach by way of mouth. The balloon is filled with air or liquid which reduces the amount of food intake. The balloon can be kept in for up to six months. When the balloon is removed it will return to its normal size.
    Learn more about Gastric Balloon.
  • EndoBarrier (Endoluminal) Sleeve: This type of incision free surgery is inserted and removed by way of the mouth. What the sleeve does is it acts as a lining along the upper part of the small intestine. It bypasses the first part of the jejunum and the duodenum. Studies have shown that this type of “surgery” has contributed to healthy weight loss and the possibility has been drawn that it could possible reverse the effects of diabetes. Learn more about EndoBarrier Sleeve.
  • StomaphyX and Transoral ROSE: These incision free surgeries are typically used after one has already had bypass surgery and is regaining weight. It is considered a revisional procedure where the surgeon will recreate a stomach pouch that is of a similar size to the one created during bypass surgery. Learn more about StomaphyX and Transoral ROSE
  • Toga (Transoral Gastroplasty) Surgery: Toga surgery is a type of incision free gastric surgery where a stapler is inserted down the throat into the stomach. The surgeon staples a portion of the stomach to make it smaller. The result is a stomach that is formed in the shape of a tube about the size of an adult’s thumb which can only hold a very small amount of food. Learn more about Toga.

Let’s face it; when an individual wants to lose weight or needs to lose weight they don’t want to have a bunch of scars showing their old body. They want to focus on their new body and their new look. Incision free surgery will give the desired results, help an individual on their weight loss journey, and provide them with more confidence knowing they will not have any scarring from the surgery.